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Showing Goats Talk

15th February 2020

Despite the orange weather warnings, many members made it to Debbie's holding for a talk by Tanya Rogers. Tanya discussed what judges look for and how to prepare your animals for showing. After the usual plentiful bring & share lunch, we went out to the goat sheds to have a go at handling Debbie's goats as if in the show ring.





















25th January 2020

We met at the Three Tuns, Hay-on-Wye, for an excellent lunch and to catch up with other members who we hadn't seen since last year. Good to have some partners along as well.

















2nd November 2019

The AGM was held as scheduled. Minutes have been circulated to members and the 2020 calendar updated.



















Spinning Workshop

19th October 2019


With seven wheels and eleven menbers or so with various levels of experience, from zero upwards, everybody got the chance to learn something from the others present. We also had the chance to visit the resident goats, sheep and horses.






















Felting Workshop

21st September  2019

Kay demonstrated the technique of wet felting, and supervised members making their own felt items. The technique is more applicable to wool than to mohair, but the addition of some mohair to a felt item can enhance it considerably.

























Natural Dyeing Workshop

6th July 2019

Run by Jane Meredith, of 'Plant Dyed Wool'. We gathered flowers and leaves from Jane and Julian's garden, or used bought-in plant materials, prepared dye-baths and dyed our mohair in a variety of colours and shades. Many members left with the intention of growing their own dye plants.


























Shearing & Sorting Workshop

1st June 2019

We explored hand- and machine-shearing techniques, and looked at the sorting of fleece for marketing.


RWAS Spring Festival

Sat 18th-Sun 19th May 2019

We were allocated an area in the goat shed, next to the Angoras entered for the show, and were able to educate a good number of passers by on the basics of what Angora goats are, where mohair comes from, and so on. We also demonstrated and offered a try at spinning and weaving using members' equipment. Some members also displayed and sold their products through the society stand.


Wonderwool Wales

Sat 27th-Sun 28th April 2019

A number of members cooperate to sell their own mohair products as The Crafty Goat Group. They also took the opportunity to inform the public about angora goats, their fleece and of course the W&W club.


 Faecal Egg Count Workshop

9th March 2019

Helen led an introductory workshop on how to do an FEC and what to look out for. This is a very useful technique to diagnose parasite load in your goats, so that you can treat them appropriately.























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