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We meet several times a year, for workshops and teaching sessions (usually held at the home of one of our members), visits to places of interest and purely social get-togethers.  We attend a couple of agricultural shows each year.  There is always something new to learn, and we have lots of fun in the process. 


The club possesses a shearing machine and headgate which is available for hire to members.


We can also arrange for the sale of your mohair through British Mohair Marketing.


We club together to make bulk purchases such as equipment, feed or mineral supplements.


Whatever your interest in angoras, and whatever your level of knowledge, there will be something for you in Welsh and West Angora Goats - do join us!  Annual subscription rates are £10 for single membership or £15 for double/family.  Contact us via the contact page on this website for more information.

We are a self-help group ranging from experienced goat-keepers to complete beginners, based mainly in the West of England and along the Welsh borders.


Our aim is to promote the caring and responsible ownership of angora goats.


Our interests include:

     - general husbandry and goat welfare,

     - breeding and showing,

     - mohair fleece production,

     - mohair processing and craft aspects (including hand-spinning, weaving and dyeing)

    - meat marketing.

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